Have you ever feel like stepping outside the door in the winter season is such a hard thing to do? Well, I guess everyone knows this situation. The warm and cozy heater in the home make us leaving it hardly. So I guess the best thing that we can do to handle this situation is wearing something warm and cozy when we walk outside the house. However, what if we don’t want to wear something too thick which makes us not comfortable? Well, in this case, we need a heated jacket to fight the cold weather outside the house.
A heated jacket will be the best stuff you need to wear when you need to get out of the house to work or even just hang out with your friends in a cold weather of winter season. You know that when we talk about the advance technology, we can’t separate it from the durable and the simplicity. They are all like to mix up together to be the main characteristic of the modern gear. And the heated jackets are the gear with the advance technology.

heated jacket

A modern heated jacket you should choose

You know that when we choose about the heated jackets, we can’t only talk about the function but also the style of the jacket too. It can’t be denied that the style is the main idea we should consider when we want to buy a heated jacket for hanging out with our friends in the cold winter. Choosing a stylish jacket will make use comfortable and also get more fashion when we walk out the door. Besides, in this modern era, we are not only being pleased by the easiness but also the additional advance technology along within.
Nowadays, we do not only get the warm and cozy jacket with battery along within but also the technology where we can charge our handphone in the jacket. You know that sometimes we feel so hard to charge our smartphones when we are outside the house. Even though there is a power bank in our pocket but what if we can’t use it too? It is such as suck situation, right? So that’s why lucky for us that we can enjoy an advanced technology such this heated jacket with charging smartphone application.
It sounds so amazing and cool for lots of reason, right? So we are not only getting cozy and warm when we walk out the door but also still get the information from our smartphones by getting an additional power to charge our phone. So it’s not only helpful for the cold weather but also a source of helpful when we need power, right?

Top 5 Products on Amazon

1. DEWALT Hooded Heated Jacket

dewalt hooded heated jacket

  • 3 Heating Zones within Jacket
  • LED Controller with 3 temperature settings + Pre-heat function
  • Routing ports for USB cable for cell phone charging
  • 3 Total Pockets
  • Water resistant and durable twill outer shell

2. ORORO Men’s Heated Jacket Kit

Outer: Softshell(6000mm/H2O Waterproof Index). Inner: Polar Fleece(5000g/M²/24h Breathable Index) Water Resistant, Wind Resistant, Washer Safe;
7.4 V, 4400mAh Battery & Charger Included: Portable& Rechargeable; Working hours up to 8 Hours
Carbon fiber heating technology; Core warming zones on L Chest, R Chest, Mid-Back
4 Levels Temperature Setting(Pre-Heat, Low, Medium, High)
Perfect gift for Hiking, Hunting, Motorcycling, Outdoor in the cold

3. Bosch PSJ120M-102

100% Polyester – Wind and Rain Resistant
Three Quick Warming Heat Zones – Two chest zones and one back zone start warming in a matter of seconds
Three-Level Heat Controller – High (Red), medium (Green) and Low (Blue) for Maximum Control and Comfort
Up to 6 Hours Heated Runtime – Maximum runtime with Bosch 12-Volt Max batteries on low setting
USB Charging Option for Most Personal Electronics – While in Jacket Pocket (5V/1A Max Output)
High Quality Water and Wind Resistant Design with Adjustable Sleeves and Waist – Maximum Comfort While Working

4. Makita DCJ200ZXL

Stay Warm In Cold Harsh Job Site Environments
3 core heat zones (left chest, right chest, back) for optimum heat distribution
3 heat settings (high/ medium/ low) for precise heating control
Features 4 pockets: zippered chest pocket and side pockets (left and right), sleeve pocket
On/Off heat controller with 3 L.E.D. indicators

5. Gerbing Men’s Fleece Heated Jacket

Max Heat: 135 Degrees Fahrenheit @7.7W
Power: 7V 2.2Ah li battery
Embroidered Logo and Speed Tag Chest Pocket
Micro Poly Lining
coreheat7 Technology

A stylish heated jacket you should choose

There are lots of heated jackets you can choose. Started from the cozy long sleeves one until the sleeveless one. What can be more important when you pick this kind of jacket is make sure that you choose the right one. It means that you must pick a proper voltage. If you want to use it to ride a motorcycle in the cold winter season, then you need to pick a higher voltage. It will give you more heat and keep you warm in freezing weather.
So the point is that you can’t just pick the stylish design but also the important features according to your needs. It will make you easier and get proper treatment from the comfortable jacket. You won’t get cold when you ride the motorcycle, nor you won’t get too hot when you walk down the street. So, let’s buy an appropriately heated jacket now.

The Specialty of Heated Hoodie

Talking about a warm and cozy heated jacket, we can’t separate it from a comfortable and warm heated hoodie which we can find it attached to the heated jacket style. We can’t deny that wearing a hoodie especially a comfy and warm hoodie will make us feel more comfortable when we have to do our activity outside the house. One of the best comfy hoodie we can pick is the one from the Dewalt. It is highly recommended for you who want to get the best quality and standard from a heated jacket.
The heated hoodie is one of the features on the heated jacket we can find. Even though not all of the heated jacket will attach the hoodie but we can find a lot of product attached this hoodie on a jacket. So the point is that we can get double advantages when we purchase this item and wear it. So what’s so special about wearing a heated hoodie?

Legit advantages in wearing a heated hoodie

Some people say that we are not using a heated hoodie in cold weather. We can handle it. However, is that true? The fact that our earlobe can hurt by the cold weather is the true issue we can’t deny. So it is not only about a fashion style but also more about the safety of our earlobe in a cold winter weather.
Even though we can buy a single heated hoodie without the jacket but now we can pick the modern and cozy design of a heated jacket with a cozy heated hoodie along with it. It has a super cozy and warm feature with a long live battery. So you will definitely in a warm and comfortable jacket and protect your earlobe with the stylish hoodie.
Along with the 20V maximum battery and charger, you can find it durable and can serve you some warm through your body in a long time. The jacket features some subtle, but classic DEWALT details, yellow cords make up the zipper pulls and the DEWALT logo is prominently centered on the upper back of the jacket. Finally, the battery pocket is labeled with a little yellow battery symbol. It will make you easier to check out the battery.
The preheat mode which brings your jacket up to heat quickly is a nice feature when you are shocked with cold. So when you are really in a cold weather, you can find the warm without waiting for a long time with this preheat heated hoodie.

Buying a heated hoodie

Once you can get a comfortable and amazing advance technology from a heated hoodie, you may just think that this will be so expensive. However, it is the opposite. It is so affordable for you who want to find a perfection in a low price. The high technology doesn’t always need an expensive budget. You can bring this item home with the affordable price. The next thing you should pay attention is how you can maintain it to keep it durable and strong without breaking some features.
This is a simple thing to do when you just need to hand-wash it to keep it clean. The lithium-ion battery makes you need to be a little bit careful to iron it. The water and wind resistant of this heated hoodie will make you don’t need to wash it every time to keep it clean. So you don’t need to worry about it. All you have to do is just do those steps and keep it clean in a regular time.